KA 60 Dual port (2.5"/3.5") IDE adapter + SD2IDE converter Amiga 600 & Amiga 1200

  • £24.49

KA 60 – Dual port (2.5"/3.5") IDE adapter for SD2IDE converter


With this adapter one can con­nect a SD2IDE con­verter and ad­di­tional 3.5" IDE drive (hard disk or op­ti­cal), using stan­dard 40-wire flat cable. It is also pos­si­ble to con­nect two 3.5" dri­ves, if SD2IDE is not connected so the upper port is empty. KA60 is de­signed for Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200.


  • Ac­tive cor­rec­tion of HDD LED sig­nal for Amiga, on both the ports. No more prob­lems with LED being al­ways on. Cor­rec­tion does not af­fect dri­ves, which do not need it.
  • A jumper con­trols send­ing of the HDD LED sig­nal from the 3.5" port. When the jumper is re­moved, de­vice con­nected to the 3.5" port does not drive the LED.
  • Rigid and durable con­struc­tion. No ad­di­tional mount­ing of SD2IDE re­quired.
  • SD2IDE reader is mounted with SD card up. One can change the card with­out dis­mount­ing the reader.
  • SD2IDE reader is on the left of the Amiga IDE port. Space on the right is free for scan­dou­bler or other ex­pan­sions.
  • Adapter does not fit into Amiga with upper shield cover in­stalled.
  • This adapter is not an IDE dou­bler. It can han­dle up to two dri­ves (SD2IDE counts as one).
You will receive:
- KA 60 IDE dual port adapter 
- SD2IDE adapter