KA60 Dual port (2.5"/3.5") IDE adapter for SD2IDE converter Amiga 600 Amiga 1200

  • £16.99

KA 60 – Dual port (2.5"/3.5") IDE adapter for SD2IDE converter


With this adapter one can connect a SD2IDE converter and additional 3.5" IDE drive (hard disk or optical), using standard 40-wire flat cable. It is also possible to connect two 3.5" drives, if SD2IDE is not connected so the upper port is empty. KA60 is designed for Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200.


  • Active correction of HDD LED signal for Amiga, on both the ports. No more problems with LED being always on. Correction does not affect drives, which do not need it.
  • A jumper controls sending of the HDD LED signal from the 3.5" port. When the jumper is removed, device connected to the 3.5" port does not drive the LED.
  • Rigid and durable construction. No additional mounting of SD2IDE required.
  • SD2IDE reader is mounted with SD card up. One can change the card without dismounting the reader.
  • SD2IDE reader is on the left of the Amiga IDE port. Space on the right is free for scandoubler or other expansions.
  • Adapter does not fit into Amiga with upper shield cover installed.
  • This adapter is not an IDE doubler. It can handle up to two drives (SD2IDE counts as one).