KA59 – all black keys mechanical keyboard for Amiga 1200 - American English layout

  • £199.99


KA59 is a mechanical keyboard replacement for Amiga 1200. It is a complete replacement, no parts from original keyboard are needed. KA59 has been tested with original A1200 enclosures and ones from a1200.net project.


  • Complete replacement of original keyboard.
  • Kailh KH switches rated for 50 million cycles.
  • User adjustable CapsLock LED color.
  • Optional "Alt"↔"Cmd" key position swap for users accustomed to PC keyboards.
  • Weights less than original and takes less space.
  • Robust connection with the mainboard.

Keycap color set

  • all keys black, white overprints


  • Red switches which are linear, moment of switching action has no tactile feedback. Noise level is pretty low.

Language layout

  • American

You will receive:

1x KA59 – Mechanical keyboard for Amiga 1200 - American English layout


More information and instruction manual can be found here: