KA 21 – Hardware Gayle reset fix - for Amiga 1200 PCMCIA

  • £11.29

KA 21 – Hardware Gayle reset fix


KA 21 is hardware solution for Gayle PCMCIA reset bug. The Gayle chip in Amiga 1200 does not reset PCMCIA card during system reset event (for example keyboard reset). Then some cards are not working after such event until the Amiga is powercycled. KA 21 generates forced CC_RESET high pulse from system reset signal. The device is installed directly on the Gayle chip.


  • Solid and durable.
  • High quality PLCC socket additionally machined to ensure good contact with the chip.
  • Pin header for optional system reset button.
  • Pin header with A14 and A15 signals for 2-way and 4-way clockport expanders. No need for inserting additional socket under ROM chip when installing these expanders.