HC533 40Mhz rev2 - 8MB RAM FOR AMIGA 500 & AMIGA 500PLUS

  • £136.99

Brand New HC533 40Mhz 8MB RAM Turbo Board with an IDE controller for Amiga 500 / Amiga 500Plus.

- The card has the ability to boot AmigaOS 1.3 due to the fact of having two ROM-s -Oktagon and Oktapussy. These ROM-s can be easily swapped over with a jumper.
- The CPU - clocked at 40Mhz provides noticeable boost for the system and many demanding games.
- 8MB Fast RAM
- Onboard 40pin IDE controller
- Easy installation, no soldering required

What you will get:

- 1x HC533 turbo board

- 1x CF2IDE adapter

Please note:

A riser or a relocator might be required for your Amiga depending on the orientation and height of your capacitors.