CF2IDEPlus for Amiga 600 & Amiga 1200 Adapter - No IDE Cable - Second IDE 40pin Port

  • £19.99

CF Angle adapter + 40 PIN IDE Connector for additional 3.5" devices: hard drives or CD-ROM drives.

This adapter allows you to use CF card + any other 3.5" 40 PIN IDE device. You will be able to boot from CF card and it also converts the 2.5" 44 PIN IDE into 3.5" 40 PIN IDE.


Master/Slave jumper available.


The adapter is designed to take as little space as possible and use more extensions in your Amiga 600/1200.


It fits A600 and A1200 motherboard perfectly. It is to be mounted on the top left hand side of your desktop so it does not interfere with any other device inside.


There is no need to connect additional power or any hard drive tape cable to use CF card, simply put the adapter inside your Amiga motherboard with the Compact Flash Card and format it. For all 3.5" devices connected to 40 PIN IDE connector you need additional source of power.