Amiga 500 Gotek Drive - 3D Printed Bracket - OLED Display - Flash Floppy Firmware

  • £38.89

Gotek Drive is a perfect replacement for Amiga 500 original floppy drives.
Plug & play solution with a 3D printed bracket, blue OLED display and a Flash Floppy 3.42 firmware already installed.

USB stick (NOT INCLUDED) is needed to put the FF software (NOT INCLUDED) and ADF files.
Just copy the following files to the root of your USB drive:
  • HxC_Compat_Mode/Amiga/AUTOBOOT.HFE
  • HxC_Compat_Mode/HXCSDFE.CFG


Just copy your favourite ADF files and work in the NATIVE Flash Floppy mode.

FlashFloppy is free software. For more information see the license.