A6095 9.5MB FAST RAM Memory Expansion for Amiga 600

  • £63.99

A6095 9.5MB FAST RAM Memory Expansion for Amiga 600. 
High quality production. 

There are some jumpers to be used:
Settings for jumpers:

ON/OFF - enables or disables the card
RST/CFG - holding CTRL + RAmiga + LAmiga keys for 5-6 seconds switches from 5.5 MB (PCMCIA friendly) to 9.5 MB (non - PCMCIA friendly) and the other way round.
9.5/5.5 - permanent settings for - 5.5 MB PCMCIA friendly or 9.5 MB PCMCIA non-friendly
SLOW ONLY - gives 1.5 MB extra slow only memory (some old A500 games still require it).