A1208 - 8MB memory expansion for Amiga 1200

  • £69.99

A1208 is a perfect and simple memory expansion for Amiga 1200.

With 8MB onboard it is ideal for WHDLoad and basic system operations.

It also speeds up the Amiga 2-3 times. 

It can be configured to work in the "PCMCIA friendly" mode. This mode allows up to 5,5MB available for the user. 

This is the new 1.1 revision of A1208 board which allows memory configuration without jumper change. It can be set up through the A1208cfg software.

Previous version, that is 1.0, which had been sold before 2019 does not have the ability to be software configured with A1208cfg software.

Click here to download A1208cfg configuration tool.