XUM1541-II - Connect 1541 disk drive to your PC - Transfer D64 to floppy disks

  • £39.99

XUM1541-II is a device that allows you to connect your 1541/1541II/1570/1571/1581 Disk Drive to your PC - and transfer your D64 images to real floppy disks.


Using XUM1541-II adapter and 1541 serial cable you can connect your 1541/1541II/1570/1571/1581 disk drive to your Windows machine.

The main advantage of XUM1541-II is that it is a bit faster than its predecessor XU1541. 

Using OpenCBM and CBM4WINGUI or CBMxfer you can transfer files to and from D64 images to reals disk.

You can also write D64 images back to real floppy disks and use it in your C64.


Supported Windows systems: 10 

You will receive:

1x XUM1541-II adapter

Instruction manual: